AD: Josh Terry, Andrea Cheung | Design & Motion: Andrea Cheung
CICERO is an extremely complex piece of AI technology that can play Diplomacy- a game that requires the mastery of multiple cognitive capabilities all at the same time. This game is often compared to a combination between chess (strategy) and Survivor (social skills).
This lede image illustrates this astonishing technology by showcasing a simplified Diplomacy gameplay from a top-down view, transparently displaying the alliances and conversations between players. It demonstrates how CICERO manages to remember and analyze everything that happened in the game, then deploying logical and strategic next steps through conversation.
While the lede image is deliberately high-level, we delved into the technical details with animated breakdowns. This one here walks through CICERO's ability to predict other player's next moves, and thereby work this deduction into the consequent dialogs with other competitors. 
As we were trying to decode the animation, I created this step-by-step break down to help better understand the technology from a design perspective. It later proved to be a useful high-level asset for socials.

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